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  • Please Enter Your Pinball

    Please Enter Your Pinball

    Abstract evoking arcade leisure. Acrylic on canvas.

  • Strawburied Treasure

    Strawburied Treasure

    Abstract city-scape in pinks and greys. Acrylic on canvas.

  • Octopus Eating a Box of Crayons

    Octopus Eating a Box of Crayons

    Abstract evoking a cephalopod pigging out. Spray-paint on canvas.

  • Find Yourself

    Find Yourself

    Abstract city scape with a person. Acrylic on canvas..

  • Pizza Feeding Her Pups

    Pizza Feeding Her Pups

    Hard-edge abstract evoking a mothers love. Spray-paint on canvas.

  • Hang-Ups series #602

    Hang-Ups series #602

    Abstract hanger series #602. Spray-paint on canvas..